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E25 07 August 2020 Parliamentary matters

E25 07 August 2020 Parliamentary matters

The 52nd session of Parliament was concluded on Thursday. So no more new laws or policies will be introduced until after the election on September 19th.  Accordingly, to conclude this Pānui, we’ve chosen to attached an extract from the Valedictory Speech of Paula Bennett; an outgoing member of the National Party, who served fifteen years in Parliament, including some as Deputy Leader of her party.  Mrs Bennett has Tainui whakapapa:

“I have always believed the answers to long-term dependency, child abuse, neglect, and violence are in our communities. There is no programme that a politician or a bureaucrat can design that will solve these complex issues. Our community and Māori organisations, I believe, are best placed with support from the State to assist those that are living hard lives. We have to set targets and accountabilities, bring in Māori, community leaders, beneficiaries, workers, and the business sector, and know it will take some time but we can improve people’s lives. We need to set communities up to succeed.”

(Paula Bennett, 29 July 2020.)

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