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About Pānui

We provide policy information and analysis on Māori social, economic and Treaty of Waitangi matters.  Our service will be of interest to people following Māori policy developments including iwi leaders, managers in Māori provider organisations, policy-makers, and to generalist media outlets.

Subscribed members have accessed to policy papers, and can view these on the main site.  Membership is for a one year period, during which time it is expected that at least 42 omnibus papers will be published.  All subscribed members have access to these papers, but note these items are copyrighted and may not be forwarded to others or copied.   The price is based on the number of subscribers a group or organisation elects.  Please contact us for prices.  will@workman.co.nz   or 027-279-6899.

 Will Workman 

This site is owned by Workman Enterprises Ltd. The Managing Director is William Workman.

Will continues to work as a consultant offering services in strategic planning, policy advice and interpretations, service and business developments, and evaluative assessments. If you would like a confidential discussion with Will on these services he can be contacted on 027-279-6899, will@workman.co.nz

Will holds tertiary qualifications in business, education, sociology, and public management. For the pānui site Will is the leading contributing author of briefing papers.

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No liability: While professional effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information published on this site, Workman Enterprises Ltd accepts no liability whatsoever for reliance on the use of any information contained within this site or other pānui products and services.