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E18 04 June 2021 – Appointments

E18 04 June 2021 – Appointments

  • The Police have announced members of the independent panel to oversee research on policing in communities, specifically “whether, where and to what extent, bias exists at a system level in Police’s operating environment”.  The independent panel members include Sir Kim Workman, Lady Tureiti Moxon, Helen Leahy, Rahui Papa, Khylee Quince, Anne Waapu and Glenn Wilcox.  The panel will be supported by a research team from Waikato University including Dr Pounamu Jade Aikman, Hector Kaiwai and Tarsh Edwards.

(We consider the formation of this panel to be a positive step, given there are unanswered questions in an array of Policing areas; for example, why did Police trial armed units in Māori / Pacific communities, why is force such as tasers used more on Māori than on non-Māori in apprehensions, why were predominately Māori youth photographed and profiled without consent, and why do Māori face higher numbers of charges per policing incident event, etc.)

  • Harete Hipango will return to Parliament as a National Party List Member, following the resignation of Nick Smith this week. Ms Hipango was formerly a Member of Parliament for Whanganui but lost her seat at the last election.

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