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Aquaculture Amendment Bill positive for Māori

Aquaculture Amendment Bill positive for Māori

Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Phil Heatley says , The Aquaculture Legislation Amendment Bill (No 3), introduced into Parliament this week, will streamlined planning and consenting processes, leading to reduce costs to industry. 
The Bill provides incentives for industry development and will place aquaculture on track to achieve its goal of being a $1 billion earner by 2025.

Harry Mikaere, Coromandel mussel farmer and Hauraki leader says the aquaculture law amendment bill is positive for the industry and looks after Māori interests.

Mr Mikaere, who is a director of both Aquaculture New Zealand and Aotearoa Fisheries, says the amendment will allow Māori to increase their stake in the industry from the current 40 percent.   The new bill removes many of the previous restrictions  and  increases the opportunity for Māori and non- Māori  to gain application consent. 

The new law should provide a better platform for iwi to get the 20 percent of new marine farming areas promised in the Māori commercial aquaculture settlement

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